Use ZeroBounce’s email validation API to increase your email marketing ROI!

Remove invalid email addresses from your list using our unique email verification scrubbing system to prevent email bounces.

Our API will protect your reputation by reducing your bounce rate, remove bad emails to improve overall inbox delivery metrics and we have a 98% accuracy guarantee.

Below you will find the documentation on our API, it’s very easy to use and requires SSL.

The response time for our API is between one second and 70 seconds. Since API’s are meant to be fast by nature, we limit the amount of time we spend validating an email address. So if we encounter a slow mail server or a mail server with a greylisting algorithm you will get an unknown result. You can always re-validate those conditions, uploading a file to the bulk email validator.

On average 96-98% of all domains will return in 1 to 5 seconds, there are a handful of domains that run off Postfix/Dovecot that have a 20 second connection time for real-time validations and a very small fractional percentage of other domains that are very slow to respond to SMTP inquires. All the major ISP will return in 1 to 3 seconds, which is usually the majority of most email distribution.

The API will return these results in a JSON format using the “Validate” method.

address- The email address you are validating.

status- [valid, invalid, catch-all, unknown, spamtrap, abuse, do_not_mail]

sub-status- [antispam_system, greylisted, mail_server_temporary_error, forcible_disconnect, mail_server_did_not_respond, timeout_exceeded, failed_smtp_connection, mailbox_quota_exceeded, exception_occurred, possible_traps, role_based, global_suppression, mailbox_not_found, no_dns_entries, failed_syntax_check, possible_typo, unroutable_ip_address, leading_period_removed, does_not_accept_mail, alias_address, role_based_catch_all, disposable, toxic]

account- The portion of the email address before the “@” symbol.

domain- The portion of the email address after the “@” symbol.

did_you_mean- Suggestive Fix for an email typo

domain_age_days- Age of the email domain in days or [null].

free_email- [true/false] If the email comes from a free provider.

mx_found- [true/false] Does the domain have an MX record.

mx_record- The preferred MX record of the domain

smtp_provider- The SMTP Provider of the email or [null] [BETA].

firstname- The first name of the owner of the email when available or [null].

lastname- The last name of the owner of the email when available or [null].

gender- The gender of the owner of the email when available or [null].

city- The city of the IP passed in.

region- The region/state of the IP passed in.

zipcode- The zipcode of the IP passed in.

country- The country of the IP passed in.

Processed_at- The UTC time the email was validated.


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